AK Salling


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“Adam wasn’t the first.”

Did you ever pause to wonder if you belong to a country? What if you thought you always belonged to one place, as a proper citizen, only to find out 30 years into your life that no legal documentation exists to prove such an existence?

About the speaker: AK was born in Korea, adopted to and grew up in Denmark, and resettled in Korea after 12 years of working in the public sector in Denmark.

Searching for new adventures, she resettled in Korea  where she united her Korean roots and Danish background by working for international adoptees at Global Overseas Adoptees Link (G.O.A.L), an NGO based in Seoul providing services and community space for overseas adoptees in Korea and worldwide.

She is the owner of a cooking and baking studio, Mad og Hygge,  where she teaches how to bake and cook primarily Danish breads, cakes and food.