Morri Koester

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“From conflict to comics”

In a visually stimulating world, comics have the power to bring a serious matter at hand to light for the general population. How can they be used to bring the community at large together for for a more peaceful co-existence amongst all the differences that exist in this world?

About the speaker: A conflict resolution practitioner by profession and a comic artist by trade, Morri is presently working on Sea Legs, a comic that utilizes conflict resolution knowledge to provide a compelling story about the power of choice and narrative.

Originally from Virginia, USA, she has lived and traveled abroad for a significant portion of her adult life in Germany, Sweden, Malta, Italy, and now, the South Korea. She received her BA and MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and finds fulfillment in helping others develop non-violent communication language for everyday use.  Her current research is dedicated to the historical significance of how comics have been used socio-politically.