Yangsook Choi

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“The best setting for a real story”

Stories don’t just come to a writer overnight.  In fact, a fictional story is what is possible through years of real stories Life has to offer.  Sometimes the best setting is the most unsuspecting one, and Yangsook shares her childhood gems.

About the speaker: Yangsook Choi, author of The Name Jar, grew up in Seoul, Korea. She started drawing at the age of 4 and loved telling her grandma scary stories. After moving to New York to pursue her passion for art, she has written and illustrated many books for young readers. Her books have been acclaimed as “Best of the Best” by the Chicago Public Library, included on the American Library Association Notable Book list, selected by PBS Reading Rainbow, and have received the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award.

When she is not creating, she loves to meet and play with children in her community and around the world. The local children in a shelter, the mountain children in the Himalayas, the Bedouin children in the Arabian desert, the orphans in flooded Cambodia, and the North Korean defector children are among her greatest teachers.